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Transcribing tips

  • Transcribe first, then set timing as the video plays.
  • Key combos:
    • control + t : If a timestamp field has focus, write timestamp into that field and move focus to next time field.
    • control + space bar : Play / pause video.
    • control + r : Rewind video one second.
  • Clicking the dynamic timestamp in the "video time" column pushes time into that subtitle row. This is helpful for adding the timestamp to a line of text during video playback. Timestamp is in total seconds. For example: two minutes and ten seconds is a timestamp of 130. You can also use the control + t key combo for this.
  • Set text timing about ½ second before dialog appears. This gives the brain time to react and read the text with the action. When setting timing with the "video time" link, this happens automatically.
  • 100 character limit each text line.
  • During video playback, displayed text will fade out after six seconds. You don't need to add a blank line after text to clear subtitles.
  • Music symbol: ♫
  • Two lines cannot have the same timestamp.
  • You can always save an incomplete draft and come back to edit it later. No edit is permanent.
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Transcript playback with simultaneous video unavailable on iPhone due to in-line playback restriction.

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